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What I Need (And It’s For You Too!)

As the deer pants after the streams of water, so my soul pants for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.

(PsalmĀ 42:1)

From the moment we are born, we come into the world needing. We need food and water to sustain ourselves. We need air to breathe so that we can live. We need light in this world in order to survive.

Somewhere along the rugged lines of life though, we lose sight of that need and we turn to aspects that we want in order to live. We think we need material wealth in order to survive. We think we need status to be able to get somewhere. We think we need to look beautiful so that we can get along in life.

These are all wants. Although they may be advantageous to us in life at some point, it is never guaranteed to last. Ultimately, what we want could end up being our downfall in life. To need is a necessity. It is to require something that is regarded as essential, not just something that is desirable.

Just like we need water, food and air to sustain ourselves physically. We also need something to sustain ourselves spiritually. This is God. After all, He is the One that brought all this into being originally!

He is the One that nourishes us when we are hungry.

He is the One that gives us water when we are thirsty.

He is the One that fills our bodies with air to breathe.

Without God in our lives, we wouldn’t be living. I need God, just like the Psalmist says…like a deer pants for the water.

One day, hopefully not anytime soon, food could run out, the water can dry up and the air can become toxic. God is not like this, friend. He will always be here. He will never dry up. How amazing is that? What is there to need with such a necessity right here? I want you to need Him too.

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