I have found reading other people’s blogs and posts really helpful in growing my Christian faith and also in trying to cultivate my writing.  I want to pass these people onto you in the hope that it shall encourage you to do the same.  Below are a few links to various websites and blogs.  If you have a few minutes, get yourself a cup of tea and why don’t you have a gander!


Shelly Miller has a way of bringing you into her living room with her wonderful way with words.  She has a passion to help people realise their calling in life despite what they have been through or what their circumstances are, and she does this greatly with the stories she writes and the pictures she takes.

Kris Camealy is a freelance writer.  She has a passion for Jesus, and a passion for people and she has a great way with her writing to inspire and to encourage others.


Encouraging hope in a broken world

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