Simplifying Is Simple!

I’m joining the Five Minute Friday word prompt for this week and today’s prompt is the word “simplify”. This should be fun, because my life is anything but simple!

It’s at this point in the year where we start to struggle with the New Years resolutions that we have made, especially if we have made unrealistic ones. I decided not to do one this year, and I’m so pleased that I didn’t. I get too bogged down with feelings of guilt when I realise I can’t carry on with resolutions I have made.

I used a very well known search engine *cough* Google *cough* to look up simplifying life. There are so many websites that offered advice and countless lists of what needed to be done. I came across one website that had 72 ideas to simplify your life! Seriously? This doesn’t sound simplifying at all.

There are only two things that we need to do to simplify life, basically.

Firstly, sort out your priorities. What is important to you?

Secondly, say “no” to everything else! Simple!

I’m choosing to focus on one word to simplify my life, and that word is “Midst”. I want to keep God in the midst of everything that I do. I believe that if I do this, then my life will be a whole lot simpler with Him smack-bang in the middle of it.

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If you enjoyed reading my 5 Minute word prompt on “simplify” and would like to read what other people have written, then come along and have a little gander! There’s plenty to read, and you can even have a go yourself at writing something for 5 minutes. Come and join us!

12 thoughts on “Simplifying Is Simple!”

  1. Such great advice but so hard to accomplish! I think it has to be a day by day effort as the demands can leave me chasing my tail then i dont give God the time I should. Your word for the year – midst is the answer! Xx

    1. I agree that I have made this sound a lot simpler than what it really is. Cultivating our life is hard work and requires a lot of effort on our part. Definitely focussing on God being in the midst of my life is keeping me centred on what is important. x

  2. Great thoughts on simplify. I love your One Word choice. Life is so much easier when God is smack dab in the middle of it. Stopped in from the #fmfparty this week. Blessings.

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