Forgiveness is Freeing

I have already shared part of my story about what has happened to me in my past and how God has graciously worked in my life. Today I have the blessing of being able to share another aspect of my story with regards to the abuse that I suffered when I was a little girl.


Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense [and] lets go of negative emotions such as vengefulness. Wikipedia

Forgiveness will look differently to each person though depending on what and who they are forgiving. It is not an easy process either…or as clear-cut as Wikipedia outlines it. In reality, forgiveness is hard. However, I can also say, as hard as it is, forgiveness is freeing…


There I was, standing in a spot where his grave might have been, and I’m griping tightly onto an A4 piece of paper. A piece of paper that held the truth of what actually happened to me during four years when I grew up too quickly.

Looking around, all I see is green grass with very few markings of where graves could be. I expected to see at least a head stone with his name etched into it…something that would make it real. But there was nothing. Only little numbered markers dotted around declaring where each person is buried. With there being no grave stone or a recognisable grave, I concluded that he had no meaning to his life.

To follow the rest of my story,  please join me over at Amy Boucher Pye’s website, and you will see how forgiveness was freeing for me.


Amy Boucher Pye is an author and speaker whose award-winning book Finding Myself in Britain: Our Search for Faith, Home & True Identity (Authentic Media, 2015) looks at life in the UK through an American’s eyes. Her second book, The Living Cross: Exploring God’s Gift of Forgiveness and New Life (BRF, 2016), engages with biblical and modern-day stories of forgiveness and freedom in a Lenten devotional. She runs the Woman Alive book club and writes for publications such as Our Daily Bread and Day by Day with God.

To find out more information on Amy, then you can visit her website here.

7 thoughts on “Forgiveness is Freeing”

  1. Oh Lynne…what an astonishing blog. I am humbled…Have a marvellous restful time on your cruise…with your lovely family. With love from Caroline

  2. Hi Lynne, your mum directed me to your blog and I am so glad to have read it, especially on Forgiveness. I was only aware of what happened to you once we had left Sale, but I can tell you I was totally broken about it. Knowing your abuser as well as you as a little girl, It pained me so very much. However, I am so glad that ‘God is stronger than His foes’ – and that Jesus has the victory over this situation. Your experience – dreadful as it is/was, is I believe now being used for The Lord, for in God’s economy, nothing is ever wasted, and you will be able to come alongside others who have experienced similar and are desperate to find freedom in forgiveness. Your words are so helpful, so true and I praise God for you and the way you have turned your life around. God Bless you Lynne in all your future days. Val Jones

    1. Hi Val. It’s good to hear from you ?Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post…and for leaving such a lovely comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. Jesus definitely does have the victory! I’m slowly starting to find what God wants to use me for. It’s taken a bit of time and a lot of hard work, but it has all been worth it. Everything is in His hands now. ?

  3. Lynne, I appreciate your honesty and heartfelt sharing around your story and the challenges of forgiveness. I agree with your observations that while it is challenging to find forgiveness in a wounded heart, it is freeing and so necessary to the healing process.

    1. Thank you Anne for visiting and for leaving your lovely comment. Forgiveness is so hard, but you are right in that it is necessary to heal properly. Bless you.

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