Look For The Unexpected

I am sitting in a waiting room with about fifty other people and we are all expecting one thing…to find out what is wrong with us.  Each of us have come from a different place and we all have a different story to tell, but we all expect the same outcome…to be given an answer.  I guess we are all expecting, as well, to be given something that could heal us.  It’s not guaranteed though.

Looking around, I see people texting on their phone trying not to make eye contact with the person next to them…just in case that person might actually want to talk to them!  I see a few people with their heads tilted to one side and their eyes closed tight, shutting everyone else out around them.

I hear a child screaming with frustration and stamping their feet with the lack of something to do…and the mother with her head in her hands wishing that she had a child that would sit quietly and patiently.  She’s frantically trying not to make eye contact with those that are looking down on her in dismay.  I feel for this woman, as I know all too well what this feels like.

What do we expect to happen if we looked at someone…smiled at someone…dread to think, even talk with someone?  I think these days, too often, we are too scared to engage with the other person.  Maybe, because we are scared of rejection?

Colossians 4 v 5-6: Walk in wisdom to those who are outside, redeeming the time.  Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may knowhow you ought to answer each one. 

Something to think about…

Next time you are in a waiting room, or sitting on a bus, or maybe even having your hair done, look at the person near you and smile at them.  Pray in your heart that God would open a door for you.  You never know they may actually smile back at you and a conversation will start.  Look for the unexpected.  You may be the salt that they need to season their lives.

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Lord, give me wisdom to see those who are around me that need seasoning in their lives.  Give me the grace I need in the conversations that are stirred and help me to be the salt that adds a little flavour.  Amen



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