You’ve Got A Friend In Me

You are reading a Five Minute Friday word prompt. This is hosted by Kate Motaung and is where a group of people write about a given word for that week. This week the word is “friend”.


I guess most of us have probably watched Toy Story and heard of the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”. It has been sung at various points in all three of the Toy Story films.

The most poignant time that the song was used though was when Woody saw the episode of Woody’s Roundup in Toy Story 2. It showed the puppet Woody singing this song, which was directed towards the younger audience. Whilst he was singing, a small child is shown hugging the puppet. When Woody sees this, he had a revelation that his main reason for being made was to be there for a child. As well as being a friend to a child, he also realised that he could be a friend to the person that he envied the most – Buzz Lightyear.

What if this was applied to us in every day life though? We all need a friend, don’t we? We all need someone to “round us up” when the going gets tough. We need someone who is going to be by our side.

Do you want to know one sure way to find a friend? Be a friend to someone else first. Why don’t you say to someone today, “You’ve got a friend in me”? You never know that you may end up having a friendship that will never die.

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